Sarah Lead Singer

Lead Singer
I started recording at the age of 17 ( including Virgin records ) and have been recording ever since. The genre that I really love is  Soul & R&B but get a great thrill from singing a wide range of music. My idea of heaven is singing Jessie J, Aretha Franklin and Joss Stone to a rocking audience ...

I've been singinging with the band for nearly five years and have some great memories of our gigs.

John Lead Guitar

Lead Gutarist, Impressario
I began my guitar playing 'career' with a black fender Statocaster 1956. I remember my parents giving to me for my birthday in my early years of playing guitar... rock on!!!!

I then moved on to Danny Gatton telecaster I joined my first band called The Apprenticeship .This band finished not long after it was started ... I recruited some of the players to form the band GJ's function band...which is still plays today ... with the same members including my partner Sara.... you can catch us almost anywhere playing these days as we still love performing as much as we did when we started ....


Hi my name is Mark "Groovemaster" Green .... I have been playing the drums for as long as i can remember as a professional… I played with the GJs band before as a dep and was delighted when an opening came along!!… I have been playing drums with their bass player Geoff for over 20 years on and off, so its great to work with Geoff as the rhythm section….the heart of the gjs lets "unleash the Rhythm".... don't forget you're dancing shoes!!!

John Lead Guitar

Bass Guitarist
My names Geoff Haydon and along with Mark "Groovemaster" Green form the backbone of the band. I've been playing the base man and boy ( for over 20 years ) !

My favourite rigs are Musicman Stingray bass and a Markbase amp 15" speaker....

I became involved with GJ's band when John and Sara asked me to do some recording work for them. I liked the band so much I signed up on the spot !!


Steve is an experienced professional player , who is comfortable playing many styles , from jazz in a small intimate setting , to rock in the larger venues . This band loves to groove covering many styles love working with them!!!! catch you on the next one!!!